The facial detection technology the company uses now detects whether a person is male or female and his or her approximate age. It also keeps a running tally of the number of people in the bar, providing this info to the bar owner and to anyone with the app on their phone. The patent application, however, describes much more detailed data collection, including bar goers’ race, height, weight, attractiveness, hair color, clothing type, and the presence of facial hair or glasses. I’m imagining what such an app could tell you: “This bar is 68% full. It is 28% blond, 64% brunette, 2% redhead, 4% bottle-blond, and 3% other. The men on average are 5’11” and 65% are dressed biz casual. The ladies on average weigh 132 pounds; 13% are dressed ‘slutty.’ 3 women are wearing Onionskin jeans. 14 of the men are scruffy, 2 have full beards, and the rest are clean shaven. This bar has an attractiveness rating of 6 stars, out of 10.”

The patent application, available below, includes other possibilities usually left to the realm of dystopic fiction, including putting microphones in the cameras that could detect what customers are saying, and using facial recognition technology to identify customers and then get information about them from social networking websites and databases to determine “relationship status, intelligence, education and income for the entire venue.”

Again imagining the app version of this: “This bar is 72% full. The average income for the 43 males at the bar is $85,000/year. The average income for the 28 females is $92,000/year. 14% of this crowd is ‘In a relationship,’ and for 4%, ‘It’s complicated.’ One woman here has a history of cheating.” Fingers crossed, there will one day be a database of STDs that can be mixed in here as well.

The application also mentions looking up customers’ criminal histories. “If a percentage of patrons having criminal records reaches a certain level, the venue operators can be notified (e.g., directly to smart phone(s) of the venue security) and/or a local police force could be alerted,” says the application.

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