I used to go to the Trocadero in central London as a kid, whenever I had pocket money to burn. There was a massive arcade (and Namco around the corner), pick’n’mix, Laserquest, Alien War, VR rides, all the good stuff. Happy times.

I went back last week and it’s become a shanty town version of itself: the top floors are closed, and what remain are Camden-Market-before-the-makeover tat stalls, a few greasy old consoles, and endless knockoff tshirts and crappy souvenirs. In the centre of London. Profoundly depressing, despite the gang of mostly Asian kids hanging out, playing music and breakdancing in one of the basement access corridors.

And then this in the basement: In a Crystal, the same tat aesthetic, the same shanty vibe, but with 3D scanning and lasers. Not there in my day. Brilliant.

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